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Sometimes we are just led. Situations that we face in life lead us to certain actions. The projects below are a result of such moments for Taonga. If you would like to get involved with any of the projects, feel free to send through an email to share your thoughts.

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Post-it Project

Going through an illness can be a very trying time for a person and their loved ones. After personal experience with this in 2016, Taonga decided to reach out to people going through various illness in the only way she knew how at the time - with words. The Post-it project encouraged people to send through messages of support to people in hospital. Visit our Facebook page to see what we were able to achieve with the help of so many kind hearts.

Open Sessions

There is something therapeutic about sharing thoughts, stories, arts. Together with some amazing medical students, Taonga initiated an Open Sessions evening for the faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University in 2017. The evening was enjoyed by all who attended, and more such events are hopefully in store for the future.

Header photo of Tebogo Bore

by Lidudumalingani

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