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A little collection of Taonga's poetry is available. Order your copy either from Amazon or from Taonga, via the links below:

may these words bring your heart light, warmth and love from above

Taonga believes in the power of words. She shares her thoughts in the form of prose, poetry and spoken word on various platforms. See some of her work below.

Words by TZ

Some of Taonga's words can be found on her Instagram page, @wordsbytz.

She shares thoughts, prose and extracts from her poems.

Peep a preview of the page below.

Spoken Word

JHB Natural Hair Festival | 2017

Taonga often performs her poetry at various events.

Here are some of her recent performances.

Wits Open Session | 2017

Spoken Sessions | 2017

Other Publications

One of Taonga's poems has been published in Afridiaspora's maiden anthology, My Africa, My City.

The anthology can be downloaded for free from Afridiaspora's website.

Spoken word photos by Wanzi Zulu

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